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Elemental Boys by BlackCharizard006
Elemental Boys
So, sorry I haven't been uploading stuff, especially my TLK story, but school has been crazy.  Most of what I've been drawing has been in my sketchbook during class.

About this, these are characters from a story I'm working on (not the wolf one).  I used GIMP to combine the three drawings, but I couldn't get them to scale.  Humans are so hard, especial hands and shoes ,-_-  Anywho, from left to right, Nicholas (might change the spelling), Alister, and Darius.  Their elements are fire, lighting, and earth respectively.  Right now, these are the only drawings of them, so they might change some, but I like their basic designs.

And if you can't tell, Darius has sand moving around behind him.  He can control rocks and other dirt-stuff, but sand is his special talent.  In my story, sand is considered the most difficult type of "earth" to control.
Cub and School by BlackCharizard006
Cub and School
The first is a cub idea for Vitani's son.  The second is how I feel in school, so I added some school things to it.  I drew this in class of course.  Usually I draw a lion I've come to realize is my Tama when I draw out those college emotions, but this time it turned into this.
Black and White outline by BlackCharizard006
Black and White outline
These two lions are characters I've been working on in my head.  They belong in the same world, but they don't actually have anything to do with each other (at least not at the moment).  The top lion is black, but he lives in a magical world, so even though there are no real melanistic lions, they do in this other world.  The bottom lion is white.  He is more mystical than the other.  I kind of have an Aslan-like image of him.
Chapter 2  New Life by BlackCharizard006
Chapter 2 New Life
This is the first page of my story after Ndona's death.  Here all all the surviving lionesses and cubs 6 months after Ndona's death.  Left to right: Imara, her gold sister and her grey sister, Sauda (front), Nya, Koba, Penya, An, Tama, Kyra, and Aba.  Imara is supposed to look like Sarabi with a stripe, but I'm still working on the colors.  I've also made some small color adjustments to some of the others (like now Koba's eyes are blue).

An has become Jadi's second wife, though Jadi doesn't love her like Ndona.  Even so, they produce two healthy cubs, Penya and Nya.

Four and a half months later Imara and her sisters are joining An and Aba in the hunt.  They are supposed to chase the herd to where the older lionesses wait to ambush, but Imara's sisters want to be the ones to take down the prey, so they leave Imara behind and go around the herd.  Too late An and Aba spot them.  The two young lionesses are trampled.
Mansa by BlackCharizard006
A few different versions of Mansa.  When he finally shows up in my story, that's when it will stop being a summary of the main events.  He and his brother were where I planned on starting the story, but there was just too much that needed to prelude it.
I keep thinking I can start uploading some artwork, but there's always something that doesn't want to work.  Right now it is the scanner.  Machines aren't supposed to have feelings, but I'm pretty sure they hate me.>.<  I was able to scan a couple things the other day, and it had me kind of excited, but now it can't even recognize my computer being hooked up to it.  Anyway, I'm hopping to get some stuff on here soon, and hopefully upload stuff more regularly.

I'm no photographer, and my camera is nothing special, but I do have some pictures of my animals on my computer already, so I've decided to put some of those on here.


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I figure I ought to update this a bit.

I live on a farm with my parents, but now I am also living away from them part of the time while I go to college. I have three Quarter horses: Hwin, Phantom, and Beauty (all named after horses in books). I haven't seen Phantom in a while as she has gone to train with someone. My adorable chihuahua, Tiki, developed a heart condition, and when I moved into the dorms, she died. My little Luna Bunny is still super cute and tiny, and her tongue doesn't fit in her mouth.

A couple of weeks before the Fall semester was over, I found a place to live that allowed dogs, and then someone was giving away Chihuahuas at Wall-Mart. I just had now I have Elsa too. She can nearly fly (like they could call an flying type Eeveelution "Elceon", and it would make as much since as a Dodrio being a flying type).

I have taken art classes at school since they became available to me in the third grade. I like to read, write, and learn.

I like to play pokemon and want to exchange friend codes for XY and ORAS. Mine is 4957 2888 7457.

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